Multiple-Module Update ./



JIRA_USERNAME – required only if global variable $isAuthenticationRequired="Y" – see Configurations in for details

[p] – flag for parallel deployment

Example: ./ irina

Before running the script user has to describe modules and versions, that he wants to update in the following file: version-updater/batch-modules.txt

Content should be in the following format:


Modules will be deployed in the same order as they are listed in the batch-modules.txt. It can be important if you have data base changes in the .war files, that should be executed in a certain order (like SQL scripts for updating or dropping tables).

How It Works

This diagram describes only one server case. It's also possible to use multiple-module update on many servers – in that case blue area will be run on every server.

BPMN Diagram of Multiple-Module Update on Tomcat

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