How to Install Script on New Environment

You need to install Version-Updater script on every environment where you want to use it. If it's one-server environment, then on every server. If multiple-server environment (like productions) – then on one server, that has access to Tomcat managers on all servers.

There is a download directory in GitHub repo, where you can find zip files of stable Version-Updater versions.

NB! Zip files may not contain minor fixes, new versions will be generated mainly for new functionality! See download/changelog.txt for details.

  1. Download last zip file to the root directory of server, where Tomcat is installs
  2. Unzip it
  3. Modify following files to add environment-specific configurations (detailed explanations are in the comments inside the files):
    • version-updater/
    • version-updater/
    • version-updater/jira-issues.txt
  4. If files synchronization is needed, then add jobs to crontab – see Synchronization for details

See File Structure for details.

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