Getting Started With Testing

Why I Did This List?

Some people ask me to compose such list from time to time, so I decided to make some decent public version. The second reason – I don't want to loose some good links, so this list can be good place to store them.

How To Use It?

There are different categories:

  • Testing Philosophy – some common staff for all types of testing: front-end, back-end, security, automation etc
  • Automation – some links on resources about automation and on technologies, that I have been personally used
  • Web Testing – I have been worked as a web tester for about 7 years, so here I collected some useful staff that I believe in
  • Security Testing – I don't have a lot of experience in this area, but I always felt curious about it, so here are resources that helped personally me to step in into security world


Sure there already exists similar lists from different people. For example, I know at least one good one from Helena Jeret-Mäe: How to Start Learning about Testing. If you know some other good lists – please, let me know.

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